Wildflower Earrings - Rose Gold Filled by Little Hangings

Sweet, little single flower studs.

Dedicated to the enchanting blooming of flowers in Spring and the warmth of the sun on your skin after a long Winter.


Comes packaged in a box.



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Please be aware that the flowers are handmade and are very delicate. It is not recommended to wear any piece from The Little Things Collection to bed or in any scenario where the flowers may be put under pressure, as this may cause them to bend out of shape. Although I strive for the utmost quality and wearability in my pieces, the flowers are entirely made by wire wrapping meaning the wire ends may may get caught on any loose threads or loosely knitted fabrics (risk mainly for bracelets and anklet). Please keep this in mind when pairing these pieces with your outfits.

This piece was lovingly created by

Little Hangings (Fitzroy)


Little Hangings is a Melbourne-based, handmade jewellery label founded in 2015 by jeweller Renee Serraglio. Since its conception, Little Hangings has grown from a love of distinctive designs and effortless adornment. Little Hangings incorporates the best of both minimalistic and statement jewellery to bring you a range of uniquely fashionable designs that can be worn through every occasion. Each piece is designed and meticulously hand crafted in Melbourne using mostly local and recycled materials, and as such, every piece is distinct and unlike any other in existence. Little Hangings tries to keep in mind the environmental impacts and ethical implications of all aspects of their brand, from packaging, to display items, to the production process. Little Hangings strives to strike a harmonious balance between using materials designed for longevity, and producing products that are affordable.   INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | PRAHRAN

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