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‘Window’, A5 Fine Art Print by Inktacled

Black and white, surrealist. A5 fine art Giclee print featuring a nude woman with a window in the centre of her back, looking out another, bigger window. 310 gsm 100% rag archival paper; acid-free paper backing. Unframed. Watercolour painting by Inktacled.


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Surrealist; black and white. A nude woman sits before a wide window; inviting vines curl around its bars. In the centre of her back is another, smaller window, the wild flowers and tendrils that escape it seeming to come from within. Fine art Giclee print on 310 gsm 100% rag archival paper, with acid-free paper backing. Unframed. Original watercolour art created by Inktacled. The size of this print is A5 (14.81 x 21.01 cm), with a generous margin for easy mounting and framing.

This piece was lovingly created by

inktacled (online)

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