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Props and Display

Now for the fun part!

One of the best things about in.cube8r, is that you can set up your space however your heart desires!

The below is broken down by space type, to help you plan your props and display materials!


  • Cubes are sized at 40cm x 40cm x 40cm
  • Most cubes have doors (especially jewellery cubes) but some do not (for ceramics for example)
  • You can stick clear sticky hooks in your cube. We ask that you never use sticky tape to protect the glass.
  • We ask that you not create a display that blocks view for your neighboring cube.
  • Mirrors, raisers, coasters, and jewellery display props will help decorate your cube.
  • We recommend using the cube as a branding excersise, bringing in your brand elements to make it pop!
  • Each cube has a business card holder
  • Window Cubes need to display to front and back! Lazy Susans are helpful in window cubes!
  • Please consider our staff need to get things in and out of your cube, so try not to make things hard to access.
  • All of your boxes and promotional materials need to also live in your cube, so consider using them as part of the display if you wish to include them or include something which will hide them away (a bigger box for example).


  • Long shelves are 1.15m and vary in height
  • Short shelves are 55cm and only fit paper up to A5 portrait
  • All shelves are 10cm deep
  • Each shelf has a business card holder
  • You are welcome to put signage up on your shelf, please do not use sticky tape.
  • Prints/Cards are best displayed in plastic (which we can apply the barcode to) however if you are trying to cut down on plastic you could provide envelopes to go with the prints (do keep in mind that the prints will be handled by customers and may get dirty if not protected.


  • Clothing racks are around 130cm high, some can be adjusted to account for longer garments on application (depends on the rack).
  • We have some hangers (check with us) or you can bring your own.
  • Each 60cm of rack space allows for around 25 hangers. Depending how much space you want between garments & hanger type.
  • Each rack has a business card holder
  • We have a change room on site and welcome designers to come and do fittings in the space.


  • The sections above clothing consist of a shelf around 140cm from the ground, and a backing board with slat wall system (Prahran) so you can add hooks, mini shelves etc.
  • Each rack has a business card holder


  • Hanging works will either be stuck on the wall with command strips, or via our hanging system.
  • Please write labels to display next to your work
  • Each rack has a business card holder
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