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Rent a cube in one of our retail stores!

Established in 2007, in.cube8r is home to more than 100 Aussie makers. Our emporiums in Fitzroy and Prahran Victoria consist of cubes, clothing racks, shelves and wall spaces which are all available for local makers to rent and fill with their handmade products.

incube8r fitzroy

321 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

in.cube8r Fitzroy is the larger of our two emporiums. Depending on the time of year, this space hosts 90-120 Australian-based hand-crafters at any one time.

Established in July 2007, this space was the first of it’s kind. Artists rent spaces to exhibit their work without paying commission on sales; the only space in Melbourne operating in this way.

Our Smith Street space has been featured in many fantastic publications in the last few years including Peppermint MagazineVisit Victoria and Time Out. Ask anyone where they can buy beautiful handmade gifts in Melbourne and they will tell you to visit that little pink shop on Smith Street!

in.cube8r Prahran

116 Greville Street Prahran, VIC 3181

Our Prahran Gallery is the smaller of our two emporiums, with a more boutique feel. Depending on the time of year, this space hosts 70-100 Australian-based hand-crafters at any one time.

Established in February 2019, this space is set to revitalise Greville Street. Once home to the funkiest of stores, we’re bringing the fun back to the area!

Our Prahran gallery has been featured in many fantastic publications in the last few years including Visit Victoria and the Chapel Street Precinct blog. Within 3 months of opening, it was shortlisted to win the Chapel Champion award.

What is included with your cube rental

  • you’ll keep 100% of all sales
  • you’ll choose what you stock
  • you’ll get to choose your prices
  • you’ll get to decide what props get full control over how your cube looks
  • you’ll have your business cards and branding accessible to customers and included with all purchases or your products
  • you’ll receive real time reporting of your sales
  • you’ll be able to list all of your items online on our webstore
  • you’ll be passed on feedback from customers who provide it
  • you’ll be promoted on social media as part of your membership
  • you’ll be able to take advantage of the constant promotion of the spaces via regular events, and store-wide marketing.

Cube Pricing

To help be transparent around pricing cubes are quoted per DAY instead of monthly. This means that if we cannot open 7 days a week due to Covid-19 lockdowns, that you only pay for the days we are open!

Cubes are only available to rent to all in.cube8r members and are released once per season.

a 10% discount applies to your cube if you commit to 90 days

Premium Cube
Window / top 2 levels of cubes
90cm + clothing spaces
90cm + Eye level shelf
Mid Range Cube
Lower level cubes
60cm + clothing spaces
60cm + shelf spaces
Little Cube
Print Shelves
Wall Spaces
Bottom cubes

Wanna rent a cube? Join the cube-fam!

As a member of the cube-fam you get more than just a place to sell your stuff… You get a community of like-minded people, working together and cheering eachother on at the sidelines.

As a member you can list your handmade products on our online store without paying any commission on sales, and we handle the customer service and shipping of items to our customers. We do all the marketing of the store, and you get to sit back and focus on the part you really love… making

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