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Restocking / Delivering your Stock

With public safety in mind we request that cubers let us know ahead of time when planning to come to restock and restock by post where possible.

This will give us the opportunity to allocate your codes in advance (you can simply write the SKU on your barcodes or print from the barcode generator) to reduce dwelling time in the store to protect you and our team members. This will also make restocks sent by mail much easier as all we need to do is add the items to the cube for you!

Restocking sold items

If a sold item can now be restocked, simply change the status of the item to “pending review”in the product editor or quick editor! We will then know to increase the stock once it’s arrived!

You can use the same SKU on your item.

To increase stock levels of an existing product

Some cubers may have multiples of the same item, such as rings, soaps, prints or greeting cards. This feature is coming but it is currently only able to be performed via in.cube8r staff.

If you wish to simply increase levels of stock, simply message us the SKU’s and quantity of items you’re sending in your restock.

Please notify us when you are restocking by using this form

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