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“So Sci-Fi” – Science Fiction Group Exhibition Catalogue

“So Sci-Fi” – Science Fiction Group Exhibition Catalogue

Science Fiction! Outerspace, outer sight, future, future, future.

In this group exhibition curated by the wonderful Tegan Iversen; we’re talking in tongues about clones, energy crystals, laser guns, aliens, robots, technology & way more.

In ‘So Sci-Fi’ a bunch of awesome Melbourne based artists will explore the vast & intriguing concept of Science Fiction. The show features visual artworks to decorate your walls, sculpural works to adorn your mantle and jewellery pieces which will rock your world.

Peruse the works here or join us to check them out in all there glory until the show closes on 4 December 2019.

Featuring works from 

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Exhibited works


Hosting group exhibitions is just one of the ways that we support Melbourne artists. Our shows bring together like minded individuals to exhibit together in a shared space and aim to bridge the gap between art and retail.

All works are for sale and we take no commission on sales! Lay-buy is also available!

Online enquiries are always welcome. Contact us below!


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