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Working with Julie Stephens to sell her handmade jewellery in our Melbourne store.

How we work with Julie Stephens to sell handmade jewellery in our Melbourne store.

Julie joined our Prahran store in mid 2009 after spending several months working on her website launch with Elle and exhibiting in one of our Almost Solo shows in Fitzroy. She now has a cube in Fitzroy. Julie’s range is stunning, and it has been a pleasure seeing her brand grow and develop over time.

My name is Julie Stevens, I’m a Jewellery designer and maker who works primarily with Metal Clay, beads and stones (I have some pieces cast).

I like to think that my collection has a coastal, relaxed aesthetic that you could wear to the beach, or you could wear out at night. I’m influenced by nature, the beach, the colors of the ocean, and understand and things that just remind me of my home.

I studied beading being quite a few years ago, I really loved just making beaded earrings. And that started me on my jewellery design path. So then I started doing other courses in silver smithing and stone setting and learning how to make my own findings. And that just led to thinking maybe I wanted to do more than just had this as a hobby.

I did a course with the New York Institute of Art and Design. And that really kicked off my jewellery business because part of that was about developing my first collection and getting it out to the market, which is where in.cube8r comes in.

I had to do some sort of track show or display of my collection and get it out to the public, and I found a photo of in.cube8r on Instagram and contacted Elle and said, “hey, I need to do this display… can I do it in the shop”. And from that I set up my jewellery for one night, and had a showing to the gallery in an exhibition!

(Julie later got a cube so she could have  a little space to sell handmade jewellery in our Melbourne store!)

One of the things that I enjoy that being a part of the in.cube8r family is that it’s been a part of a really lovely supporting family of makers who are all very keen to see other people succeed. You can always learn from other makers and gain insights into how they do things that might help you in your own business.

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About Julie Stephens Designs

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Julie Stephens Designs

Julie Stephens jewellery was born out of her love for making beautiful things, featuring a relaxed, coastal aesthetic that is simple, elegant and a little bit bohemian. Each piece is hand-crafted by Julie using semi-precious beads, wire and metals.

Julie Stephens jewellery was born out of her love for crafting beautiful things. She found beading a few years ago and the wonderful world of jewellery-making opened up to her. Julie’s jewellery is an evolution of years of trial and error and trying her hand at various jewellery-making skills including beadwork, wirework, metalsmithing, lost wax casting and working with precious metal clay.

Her jewellery features a relaxed, coastal aesthetic that is simple and elegant, and a little bit bohemian. She grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, and spent many holidays with her family on the Gold Coast, loving the beach and the lifestyle. She has also been fortunate to travel and has visited many inspiring overseas destinations that boast incredible beaches and wonderful cultures. Now living in Melbourne, Victoria, she has channelled her love of making and for the beach into her passion for creating beautiful jewellery. Every piece is designed and hand-crafted by Julie using semi-precious beads, stones and metals.

She loves that jewellery can have lasting meaning that signifies the time and place in which it is worn or gifted. It helps to create memories that live beyond the moment. Her purpose is to create quality, lasting pieces that resonate with the wearer and can be worn every day with minimal simplicity or are equally wearable for special occasions.

Here at in.cube8r we love helping artists sell handmade jewellery in our Melbourne store and online. So if this is you, get in touch so we can help you grow your handmade business!