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Recycled paper journals by Zwartko




Unique handmade recycled paper journals & visual diaries

Zwartko was born out of necessity; the essential need to recycle paper scrap from every nook and cranny that you can get it from & give it a second life.
There is nothing complicated or difficult about making paper with your two hands, but after a short amount of time you realise that the paper pulp gets a bit deeper than the dried-up bits in your shoes & quite frankly, underpants.
Zwartko found this craft accidentally, and it brings meaning to their life. There is nothing quite like adding energy to the lost and discarded and creating new meanings, new purpose. They believe that any that experience this “hand-made” would or could never return to that of the factory, for you can see the rawness of it, the pure goodness of hard-earned human effort.


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