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In.cube8r is the first physical shop I decided to stock my products at. For an online seller I was hesitant in the beginning but I’m glad I trusted my instinct and went ahead. To say the least, some of the benefits of being part of in.ube8r are, In.cube8r is beyond just a retail space, it creates a communication platform between emerging Australian designer and artists and helps connect makers. For example, through a Facebook group cubers can reach out to each other, ask questions, share knowledge and ideas and learn from the valuable experience of others.

In.cube8r initiates and facilitates running workshops, exhibitions as well as coaching sessions. In.cube8r staff take a genuine approach to offer support in anyway possible, actively engage with cubers and give productive advice on how and what to do to increase exposure and sales. Provides access to educational resources through newsletters. Helps with exposure through ongoing social media promotions. Emily’s Utopia

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