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At in.cube8r Prahran every week for the past 8 weeks, my fledgling business has been nurtured in the safe hands of Elle and 3 fellow creatives.  Our 4 businesses are at different stages, going in very different directions, and the Kickstart Your Business sessions have been fantastic. We chat away and then the aha moment hits.  Elle has been getting our brains to where they need to be. Money, branding, marketing, online stuff, staying sane, we have thought and talked about them all and come up with a useable plan that fits our own business.  I have learnt so much from being with this group; we share and laugh and get lots of thinking done. There is even homework, which has a point, and is fun. As we reach the end of the course, I have a completely different mindset for my business, a practical direction and I feel much more hopeful for it’s future.  And I am going to miss my friends from this group. So, #love what you do: Elle gets creatives and creativity.

Judith Scott

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