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Using Reels to Promote your Handmade Brand on Instagram…. It’s easier than you think! Here’s 12 ideas to get you going.

Using Instagram Reels

There’s always something new to learn isn’t there?

In August 2020, Instagram unleashed a new feature called Reels, which is a way to make snappy and fun videos to promote your brand.

In this post, I will be breaking down a few creative ways you can your handmade brand using Reels.

First things first….. why should I bother with Reels?

Instagram Reels are getting the most promotion at the moment, the algorithm is favouring them! Since they get posted to the feed with hashtags, you’re able to get organic reach unlike you could recently.

You’re more likely to be featured in hashtag searches and because the posts aren’t designed to get a bunch of comments (insta wants us watching the reels not writing things) the engagement metrics are different (replays and saves are key).

And be sure of it, when the algorithm works out who’s who and what’s what…. that wont be the case anymore… so early adopters are more likely to gain followers and traction using reels!

OK I’m in… so what’s involved in making a Reel?….

Reels is all about Video. They go for 15-30 seconds (though I recommend keeping to 15 seconds) and you are able to cut together a bunch of different videos to make one complete one. You can also add music, stickers, text, filters and everything you would usually add in a story… neat huh?

In addition to your video content, I recommend pre-writting your caption in your note app on your phone and putting together your relevant hashtags ahead of time. You’ll be able to choose whether you want to post to your stories, reels alone or reels + grid (ie keep them seperate from your feed posts or show them there as well) and you can also upload a cover photo if you want to keep your grid looking like a glossy magazine!

Need some content ideas?

Don’t worry…. I’ve collected a bunch for you below!

Show them what’s in the box!

People LOVE an unboxing video. And they also love a boxing video!

Check out these two examples of a simple video you can make to show people what to expect when they order from your online store. Not only are you creating fun content, but you’re talking about selling without talking about selling! Woohoo!

Show them how to use your product

The below two videos are great examples of showing your customers (and potential customers) how to use your product. Our job as marketers is to encourage people to buy our products, so what better way then showing them how to use it!

Introduce yourself and build trust by showing your face!

This one’s the hardest as you’ll need to jump infront of the camera…. But it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself and tell your story to your followers and build that know-like-trust connection which WILL translate to sales later on.

Below I have included an example of introducing yourself with your face, and another which I made to show off the shop. I too, am not a fan of jumping infront of the camera…. but I do it for the cubers!

View this post on Instagram

Missing my cube-land @incube8r today! Do you know I own two retail spaces in Melbourne which empower Australian makers to sell in retail? Well, I totally do! All 60 makers in our Prahran store are part of the #cubefam where they are part of my online maker community and selling their work through my online store and retail stores. We charge no commission on sales which I’m really passionate about and will do a video about later. Anyway, we’re still a way off reopening here in Victoria, with retail set to open end of October unless magic happens! Today I’m missing chatting with the locals, playing with displays, and being amongst all the beautiful things (not the cleaning though I don’t miss that) 😉 What spaces are you missing in lockdown? Tag a small business below to give them a shoutout so they feel loved and remembered, it can be a bit quiet at home when you’re used to all the madness! #shoponlineaustralia #shoponlinejewellery #shoponlinelocal #handmadeonline #handmadeonlinemarketplace #handmadegiftonline #australianclothingonline #shopaustralianmade #shopaustralianartists #onlinestoreaustralia #shoplocal #supportlocal #giftsinthecube #handmadeinmelbourne #australianmade #australianhandmade #shoplocal #melbournemarkets #artistmarket #craftmarket #designmarket #meetthemaker #makersmovement #melbourneartists #melbournemakers #craftvic #craftvictoria #makersupportingmakers #handmadeaustralia #handmadeaus

A post shared by Elle-May 👋 | Mentor for Makers (@may.michaels) on

Show them how it’s made

Most people have no idea how what you make is actually made. Show em!

TIP: Next time you think of making a timelapse…. make it a reel instead!

Inspired to get started using reels?

Got some ideas already on how you can promote your handmade brand using Reels? Well, off you go! I would LOVE to see what you create. I know it’s scary, but I think you’ll find that once you get used to it you’ll have more fun making reels than you do normal posts!

Plus, why post 7 times a week when you can post 3 Reels instead for the same amount of love! Work smarter not harder kids!

Be sure to include the hashtag #cuberreelschallenge on your post so we can check out your Reels!

And if you would like to book a mentoring session to work out your own content strategy for your brand and go through the ins and outs of Instagram you can do so here.

Get more Likes using reels


I help makers and artists create their dream side-hustles through curation and promotion and community building, as well as providing mentorship to makers who need a little hand holding along the way.

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