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Christina Cerqueira is an intuitively inspired artist. 

Let’s start by telling you a bit about Christina. Christina is an artist. It took her a while to get here, to discover that she was an artist; that making art fuelled the fire her my soul.

Why is that? Well, Christina feels like she let life guide her in the wrong direction. She has always drawn, coloured and painted but being an artist meant starving. Christina was always told that it isn’t a profession that can earn enough money to sustain her life, let alone that of the family she eventually wanted to have. So Christina persisted down the wrong path for her. 

That was, until she rediscovered herself as an adult after having her second child. Christina felt the yearning. She felt the passion. She felt her soul’s satisfaction. Right then Christina realised; She wants to help others rediscover that feeling of freedom too.

Christina is a teacher for the curious and an archaeologist or creativity. She wants to help you to rediscover your soul's reason. Because she believes that we all deserve to be happy and to do what lights us up.

Christina’s art is about her values; being true to herself. She’s feisty, she honours herself, she loves fiercely, she is sexy, she is sexual, she is a mum and a wife, she is loyal, she is passionate, she is talented. Christina is unique. 

Christina is always striving to evolve into a higher version of herself.

If you are curious, come along on the journey with Christina.


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