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Unique and versatile contemporary jewellery designed and lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne.

Contemporary designs, simple shapes, clean lines, and unique textures and finishes are features of this jewellery.  My current jewellery range uses mostly brass, some hammered, some oxidised and etched and some with different textures, creating contrast.  Versatility for the wearer is key. Necklaces can be layered together, many of the pieces are reversible and the oxidised double-piece earrings can be worn in various ways: with the pieces together, each piece on its own or reversed, giving the wearer options.  You can be creative and make a unique look that reflects your personal style.

I believe in supporting my community so my raw materials are purchased from Australian-owned small businesses. The metal is purchased from suppliers that have a commitment to the environment and I use only recycled materials wherever possible.  I make a conscious effort to minimise waste and use minimal packaging.


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