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Marianne Sebetti is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her primary genres are based around portraiture and figurative art. She also creates minimalist and abstract works in a variety of media.

Marianne Sebetti moved to Australia in 2012. Since then she has participated in group shows and curated her own solo shows. As well as collaborative shows with Scientific Solutions Group - a Brookfield company based in Melbourne lead by Prof. James Murray-Parkes.

BSSG held several exhibitions to exemplify the beauty and elegance which emerges when design is approached from a scientific perspective and stimulate a spirit of non-traditional thinking in building design. Through a re-imagination of engineering design through art, the inherent beauty of cooperative design was revealed.

As an environmentalist at heart she does not use harsh chemicals or acids in her work, hence her chosen medium in printmaking is monotyping.


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