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Cathy is an abstract artist who is driven by a love of lush and explosive colour. The Perfect chaos art clutch purses are one of a kind. Designed for the bold, brave and passionate souls of this world.

Perfect Chaos art was realised by its creator, Cathy Sofarnos, when she combined her two passions into one idea. Her love of abstract painting and sewing has resulted in hand crafted, hand painted, and one of a kind clutch purses.

It all began when she received a wedding invitation that lead her to go on a hunt for the perfect outfit. She quickly found her dress, but after a long search, was unable to find the perfect clutch purse to accessorise her outfit. "I am always on the lookout for something different and original; something that says ME", she says.  So, with no result, she decided to make her own! After receiving many positive comments and inquiry as to where she had purchased her purse, she decided to make her idea into a reality. Through much experimenting with many design concepts and colour combinations she has created a product that is elegant, original, and affordable. "I want my customers to feel that their special art piece accessory is as beautiful and original as they are, something that says , THIS IS ME"!

The name Perfect Chaos art, is very much a reflection of its creator. Asked to describe herself on one occasion, she used the words perfect chaos. "To the outside world my process is chaotic and messy. When I am painting, my studio becomes unordered and uncontrolled.  But somehow, I know where everything is. I know what the next step is in my process. That is the nature of the creative process and life. It requires the creator to act in the moment without consequence and concern for the outcome. The finished idea and/or product is the perfection"!

'BE YOU' is the Perfect Chaos art motto. It is a statement that Cathy is very passionate about.  It is a sense of identity that she has had to grapple with. "I wish for my customers to be brave about who they are!  Have confidence in themselves as the creators of their own life".

The Perfect chaos art clutch purses are statement pieces, made to be loved, cherished and enjoyed!


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